Its official now that “New Twitter” is available to all users over the world, you may get surprised with new Twitter homepage that greets you when you visit in your browser, when you sign-in- there are more shocks, design changes everything you need to get used to from now onwards.              

What’s new in New Twitter

Twitter Timeline now on right-side

When you logged into Twitter, you can see two column layout with Home, @connect and #Discover tabs with search box and menu on the navigation bar. New twitter timeline on right side shows tweets from people you follow on twitter. If that annoys you, we’ve covered how to move Twitter timeline to the left of the screen the way it was in old Twitter.

New Twitter Homepage when signed-in

Coming to tabs on the navigation bar Home tab gets back you to Twitter homepage, Connect shows interactions and Mentions. And Discovery tabs shows stories, Activity, Who to follow, Find friends and browse Categories.

Connect tab’s interaction shows how others are interacting with you on Twitter. This tab tells you when when someone favorites your tweet, mentions your username, follows you or retweets your content. Mentions tab shows the  Tweets that mention you by your username. 

twitter interactionsMentions tab

Discover tab’s Stories shows top new stories and trending topics on Twitter. Stories are personalized for you based on your location,connections settings and your popularity.  Activity tab shows what people you follow are doing on twitter like following others, replying, or retweeting and favoriting tweets.


Discovery Tab’s Who To Follow suggests twitter accounts to follow based on who you follow an more. You can find find friends and Browse Categories also which aren’t new to you.

By entering the query in the search box you can search for tweets, people, hashtags, or topics. Search results displayed includes tweets from the Discover tab and people from Connect tab separately. Click on Menu on navigation bar to access your profile page, direct messages, help, keyboard shortcuts, settings and sign out.

Twitter profile pagenew new twitter keyboard shortcuts

We’ve kept this article to brief assuming that you’re not completely new to Twitter. I’ll be happy if this post helps you to get basic idea of what new twitter is. Come on guys, start tweeting ..