The update issued by Microsoft yesterday for their antivirus for Windows users caused  Microsoft Security Essentials to detect Google homepage as a malware in IE9 and Firefox. This problem has been reported by affected users on Microsoft Answers and TechNet sites, but still there is no official statement from Microsoft on this, but updates released for MSE today seems fixed the false positive issue.

MSE flags Google site as Exploit:JS.Blacole.BW

Animated valentines day logo featured on Google homepage yesterday made MSE with def 1.119.1972.0 to trigger it as “Exploit:JS.Blacole.BW”. Users scared that Google indeed serving malware clicked remove button which reported -unable to find the threat.

Google detected as blacole malware

MSE detected Chrome as Malware and Removed it

This is not for the first time this happened with MSE -back in October 2011, Microsoft AV detected Chrome as PWS.Win32/Zbot Malware and removed it. Microsoft did apologized for this later and pushed def updates to correct the problem. Then Chrome has to inform affected users on their blog to update MSE definitions and after that advised them to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

Coming to MSE flagging Google site as virus, Google has nothing to do with this. But as it seems Microsoft knows this, they’ve pushed the definition updates to resolve this, you need to apply them for MSE in your Computer.

Source: Krebson Security