Recently Mozilla released Firefox 10 final stable version, and today, Beta version of Firefox 11 and Firefox 12 Aurora have been released and available for download and testing. Aurora brings silent updates to Firefox and Beta adds add-on syncing across multiple PCs.

Firefox 11 Beta with Add-on Sync and Chrome Migration features

Users can now sync their add-ons across platforms, they can enable this feature in Options window of Sync tab. Firefox users can now import data and settings from Chrome browser. This beta version adds support for Google’s SPDY protocol for faster loading of pages which is disabled by default. You can enable and test this feature by setting “network.http.spdy.enabled” preference value to true.

Firefox 12 Aurora with Silent Updates

Aurora gets rid of UAC dialog which prompts users for permission to install Firefox updates. Since Firefox updater needs elevated permissions write to Program files in Windows,  Aurora and future versions of Firefox uses Mozilla Maintenance service on Windows  to install updates. This service is optional and can be uninstalled from Control Panel. Mozilla Maintenance service checks periodically for updates similar to that of GoogleUpdate.exe and installs them for Firefox Stable, Aurora, Beta and Nightly channels.

Firefox 12 Aurora

In Aurora smooth scrolling is enabled by default, page source has line numbers. URLs pasted into the download manager can be automatically downloaded.