Mozilla is doing their best to protect privacy of their users as they introduced “Do Not Track” feature which lets you opt-out of behavioral advertising-though most of web don’t respect DNT, it needs to be adopted by websites and advertising companies, Mozilla now made Collusion add-on for Firefox available which lets you visualize who is tracking you in real-time.

Mozilla’s Collusion for Firefox Add-on Demo

Without installing the add-on you’ll see how sites track you if you surf the web with Collusion, go ahead and visit this interactive collusion demo page. Click on “click Here link” to start the demo where Collusion starts showing what happens and how third parties track your movements across the web.

collusion demo graph

As you keep visiting popular sites one by one starting with IMDB, at the end you’ll see a graph filled with more red dots than sites you’ve visited which represented in grey dots. Red dots are advertising sites that created cookies in your browser to track you. You can hover mouse pointer over any of them to learn more.

Now the demo part is over, install the restartless add-on which you’ll find on Add-on bar. Click on it and start surfing the web as time goes over you’ll see the graph changes to similar to in Collusion demo.

Full version of Collusion to tell Global tracking history

If you want to block companies from tracking you on web, you can install TrackerBlock for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Mozilla in future plan to launch full version of Collusion which allows users to opt-in to share their anonymous data in a global database of web tracker data.