Firefox and IE browsers has this feature, warns user when closing multiple tabs, this can be useful if you accidently click the close button on browser window. Chrome lacks this feature and let me tell you- lot of users love to get this feature for Chrome, but it seems Chrome not going to get in future versions also. Good news for Chrome users is that Google made available Chrome Toolbox extension which offers hidden and productive features for Chrome includes this one we’re talking about.

Make Chrome to prompt when closing multiple tabs

After installing this extension, its icon appears on the toolbar. Right-click on it and select options under General tab make sure “confirm before closing multiple tabs” is selected or checked.  You can enable it if not selected by default in options.

select confirm before closing multiple tabs option

Now whenever you try to close all tabs in Chrome, Chrome warns you with below dialog box as shown below, so that you can click cancel button to keep the tabs open or click on ok to close all the tabs. Isn’t this feature required to be built-in one for Chrome?

Google Chrome tabs closing dialog

Download Chrome Toolbox extension for Chrome