Most of the users don’t change the language they got after PC’s first boot, that’s not the case with Windows 8 Microsoft says they’ve reimagined the display language for next Windows operating system which lets users to easily install additional display languages and allows to switch between them.

Microsoft makes additional languages available to all Windows 8 users

In the past some languages for available via Windows update and others distributed through the Microsoft download center, now in Windows 8, you can find  all Windows display languages in Language preferences section in  Control Panel.

From the screenshots below it is  obvious that English (United States ) display language is installed and enabled. And the keyboard layout also US. Language Preferences is the new-one-stop place allows users to add display language or change it , input language and other functionality.

Windows 8 Language preferences section

Adding additional language in Windows 8

All you need to do is click on “Add a language” link which appears above the first tile to get “Add languages” window which displays the list of languages Windows allows you to add. You can search for a language by typing few letters of it in the search box and once displayed in the results select it.

language added

Switching to the new display language

After selection,  you need to click on Options then click on “Download and install  language pack”  (only displayed if that language pack is available). Once the display language is installed you can make it as primary language by clicking on “Make this the primary language”. You can now switch between these languages by making English as the primary language.

Make this the primary language

Windows 7 already offers 95 additional languages for users  as we said above via download center and Windows updates, Microsoft added 14 new displays languages to make them , total 109 in Windows 8. Altogether Windows 8 supports 109 additional display languages which you can find in language preferences section in Control panel.

Microsoft added English for United Kingdom to the list of Windows 8 display languages and made it as the standalone language which UK users rejoice.

You can find more details on Building Windows 8 blog.