Back in October 2011, Google introduced Dart, structured web programming language as alternate to JavaScript language to develop web applications, today, a technical preview of Chromium with Dart engine has been released and available for download on Mac and Linux platforms (windows:coming soon). Google calling this as Dartium. After thorough testing and feedback from developers Google plan to include Dart Virtual machine into Chrome.

Chromium with Dart Virtual Machine now Available for Testing

Dart code can be run on a native virtual machine or on top of a JavaScript engine by using a Compiler that translates Dart code to JavaScript. Since Chrome to get native Dart Virtual machine which can run Dart code easily, to run on other JavaScript engine powered browsers like Firefox developers need to be translate the dart code to JavaScript using Dart-to-JavaScript compiler.


“This technology preview allows you to run your Dart programs directly on the Dart VM in Chromium and avoid a separate compilation step. Over time, these programs will take advantage of the VM’s faster performance and lower startup latency” blog post reads.

Downloading and Launching Dartium

You Should know: Dartium binary expires after few days of download you need to download a new copy then to use it again.  Dartium installation isn’t complicated setup either, all you need to download the Dartium zip file, extract its contents to a folder and double-click on blue logo labeled chromium to launch Dartium.

Google warns the release of Chromium with Dart VM is just in technical preview stage, so should not be used for day-to-day browsing.  Interested users  or developers can download Dartium  from here.