Chrome settings page getting revamped in the Though this is still a work-in progress, you’ll be surprised with settings page new interface as users used to navigate between and access options in Basics, Personal Stuff, Under the Hood and Extensions. Now in new settings page – Basics, Personal Stuff and Under the Hood merged into single Settings page where “Under the Hood” opens another Advanced Settings page in a pop-up window. Extensions page is untouched without any modifications.

Chrome's new setting pageold settings page in dev channel

Changes in Chrome’s New Settings page

Settings and Extensions options only appears on left side of settings page when you select Settings from wrench menu and Search function box has been moved to the right-side of the page.

Disable new settings and extensions web-ui

Current Chrome users using dev..version can revert to old settings page by enabling “disable new settings and extensions web-ui” flag in about:flags, users need to restart the browser after that for changes to effect.