Google digging themselves into a hole by forgetting their concept of search engine, Google is  popular now because of their search, we know Google is integrating Google+ into their services but not expected something like this- once you signed into your Google+ profile, you’ll now have a share box on Google homepage to share something into Google+, do we need this? let’s left the choice to Google+ users.

share box on Google to share on Google plus

After Google SPYW here comes the Share button

Not long ago, Google introduced “Search Plus Your World”, shows personalized Google+ search results by leaving out Twitter and Facebook which has been criticized by majority of users. Now Google lets you share some interesting posts from their homepage it self. Can’t users post from Google+ site, this now means that Google+ integration is complete when Coming to Google search? who knows? yes! Google. And this share box appears through out Google services (except YouTube) in Gmail, Google Maps, Google News and so on.

share button for Google plus user

If you’ve signed into Google account and don’t have a Google+ account, then you won’t see this share button on Google, you need to join Google+ to see it.

Source: Marketing Land