We’ve another Firefox release!, Firefox 10.0.2 now available via update.  Two weeks back Mozilla released Firefox 10 after that they followed it with Firefox 10.0.1 to fix startup crashes and Java applet related issues, now another one lands which fixes security issue (still unknown at the time of writing) and some bugs.

What’s new in Firefox 10.0.2

Anti-Aliasing for WebGL implementation (check the bug) and Accelerated layers support via OpenGL ES are the new features. Firefox home page now offers link to “ set up sync”, you can open this by typing about:home in your browser.

Downloading Firefox 10.0.2 update

An extremely rare case has been reported as a bug- where Firefox unable to load pages and close tabs, this bug 676780  has been fixed in this release.

Firefox 10.0.2 about dialog

There are still some known bugs which will be resolved with Firefox 12 release.

You can download Firefox 10.0.2 from here. Check Firefox 10.0.2 Release notes also.

Update: Sorry folks, what we covered new in Firefox 10.0.2 is release notes of Firefox 10, we came to know this later. At present only security issue that Mozilla not disclosing seems to have been fixed with this release.