Yet again we’ll have Firefox 10.0.1, seems the pattern after Mozilla released Firefox 8.0.1 and Firefox 9.0.1 after the release of Firefox 8 and 9 in no time. This may be just coincidence, but Mozilla always releases security updates to keep Firefox stable and secure. This Chemspill (emergency) release is aimed to fix two issues: top startup crash and Java applets causing text areas to hang. First security bug being locked since it’s a crash and second one is bug 718939.

Firefox 10.0.1 Update to fix Startup crashes

AVG Safe Search is broking the location bar, Mozilla is also looking at this, possibly users  updating to AVG latest version can fix this or Mozilla may block this one.

Some users as reporting that extensions are not visible/hidden in Add-ons Manager which can be fixed with a hotfix.

Firefox 10.0.1 may release today, this Friday not official yet. Android users using Firefox 10 ma y also get 10.0.1 update.

But this release now available on Mozilla FTP Servers for download.

Download Firefox 10.0.1

Firefox 10.0.1 Release notes.

Android users using Firefox 10 will also get 10.0.1 update.