Microsoft released Windows 8 Developer preview on Sep 13, in 2012, it will expire on March 11th of this year (doesn’t matter if you installed it recently) and the expired date for Windows 8 Server Preview is set to April  8, 2012. WDP is released mainly for developers to create metro apps, surprise! Microsoft is now offering an update KB2671501 that actually postpones Expiry date of Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Server Preview to January 15, 2013.

Extend Windows 8 Developer Preview for Another 10 Months After its Expiry Date

Once the WDP or Server preview expires – you’ll start to get messages for activation, Windows 7 beta users are much experienced to this. Microsoft keeps annoying you for to enter new product key, which you can view on “Activate Windows” Screen in Control Panel, Windows Activation Screen and on Personalize Panel. The system restarts automatically for every 1 or 2 hours.

Windows 8 Devleoper Preview expires on jan 15, 2013

How to download and install this update

Check for updates in Windows 8 Developer Preview Control Panel by clicking on Windows Update and install KB2671501 update once found. After installing the update restart your Computer and check expiry date by typing Winver in run command, it should appear as shown above on the screenshot.

Reasons for postponing WDP expiry date?

I don’t think users want to explore WDP more, it may be done for developers as they might not have submitted enough apps for the App Store as said by one member in MSDN forum, just a guess. All end users are eagerly waiting to test Windows 8 Consumer Preview which will be available on this month end.

Source: MSDN Social