Back in March 2011, Firefox 4 released with “Switch-to-Tab“ feature which saves you from tab duplication by showing switch to tab text on address bar if any words you type in address bar  matches with that page or tab (you can get this feature in Chrome also if you want) so that you can visit that tab without opening another tab. It can be annoying for you if you want to open the same page again intentionally, here is how to remove switch to tab functionality from Firefox.

Remove Switch to Tab functionality in Firefox with Switch to Tab no more add-on

Firefox doesn’t offers a option or preference to turn it off in its options or by using about:config, we need to rely on extension Switch to Tab no more for that. 

Before and after disabling switch to tab

After  installing this extension, you can easily open same page again in another new tab which already opened as Switch to Tab function has been permanently disabled by this extension. To get that feature back -delete or disable the extension, don’t  ask me why to disable the feature if useful? this add-on is for users who don’t want Firefox Switch to tab feature.