Cookie is just a simple text file that stored by the web browser when you visit a website, these cookies allows websites to identify users. Cookie stores information about time of visit to websites and other tracking information about users. CookieSpy is a freeware internet cookies viewer lets you view cookies stored by all  popular browsers in your Computer from one place.

CookieSpy is a Multi-Browser Cookie Viewer

Launch CookieSpy which displays cookie information for browsers installed on your Computers  on tabs. You can click on a specific browser tab to view cookies information. This information includes: Domain name, cookie name,value, Secure, Http only and its expired date.


CookieSpy settings lets you – search for cookies stored by a browser by – Domain, Path, Name, Value- or All by choosing from Examine drop-down menu. You can also refresh cookies information displayed on all tabs by clicking F5 button.

CookieSpy Settings

CookieSpy works on Windows XP/Vista/7 and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

Download CookieSpy