It’s always difficult to find a specific app under any category in Chrome Web Store where you need to go though all apps after selecting a category, where Google solved this problem by introducing “sub categories”, so that for e.g if you want to get specific app like scientific calculator you can find it in Calculators Sub Category of Utilities.

“The new structure of the store will improve discoverability for apps. For example, users searching for a photo album app can now easily drill down to the “Photos” subcategory level and track down the app they are looking for. At the same time, apps assigned to a subcategory show up in the category page as well giving them wider exposure; an app in "Photos" will appear on both the "Photos" page and the "Entertainment" page.” Chromium blog posts reads.

Chrome web store sub category

Other changes for Chrome web store includes: addition of “Business Tools” category for enterprise focus developers to target them at large and small businesses users using Chrome and Chromebook. “Shopping“ has been reclassified as subcategory within the “lifestyle” category.