Flash is everywhere – ads,videos – browser slows down to load flash content user feels this experience, no wonder some users want to block flash, that’s why they use FlashBlock extension. Guess what! Chrome users don’t need Flashblock any more as “Click to Play” feature now moved from about:flags to being an option in Content Settings for Plug-ins. You can enable this option to block plug-ins and turn on Java, Flash, Silvelight content on websites on-demand. Don’t want to click for every video on YouTube, then you need to add YouTube site under Plug-in exceptions.

Click to Play video

Click to Play Now Available under Chrome’s Content Settings

Enabling Click to Play for Chrome to block plug-ins 

This feature now available in dev. channel.

From wrench menu select Settings, scroll down to “’Under the Hood” and click on “Advanced Settings”

Now under Privacy section click on “Content Settings” scroll down to Plug-ins and select “click to play” radio button.

select click to play option

You can whitelist sites you want plug-ins to load by clicking on “Manage exceptions”.

plug-in exceptions

If you visit YouTube without adding it under plug-in exceptions, an icon appears at right-end of the address bar which on hovering your pointer over  displays “plug-ins were  blocked on this page”.

User can click on it and select -  always allows plug-ins on YouTube.com or continue blocking plugins or click on “run all plugins this time”  or click on manage plug-in blocking to visit Chrome settings page.