Don’t remember from which Chrome stable channel Google removed the “+” sign button on the New tab, now its blank, it’s ok for me as I use classic theme makes it easy to identify and click on it to open the new tab, but its not that easy to identify new tab button on certain themes when too many tabs are opened. And  if you see some threads on Chrome help forum you’ll know-  how upset and angry some users with this change..

Bring back the + sign button on New Tab

You’ll be even surprised to know that lot of users treating missing + sign on new tab button as a bug and hoping it will be fixed in future version, as we know that’s not the case.  At present it’s difficult to get it back unless Chrome team reinstates it.

no plug sign on new tab button

Google’s response to the criticism

“We made this change in the spirit of a cleaner and neater user interface (UI), which has been one of Chrome’s guiding principles. However, we understand that this may cause some visibility issues on certain themes, and we’ll look into that.”

new tab button comparison

I’ve installed a dark theme on current version of Chrome and older one (portable) to check the visibility issues. It’s pretty much clear that + sign stands out as a different element on dark theme where identifying blank button is much difficult.

new tab button visibility

Check the users feedback here.  Let us see if any developer comes up with an extension to restore  the +sign, in fact any sign or symbol will be welcomed by users instead of the blank one. What do you say?