CCleaner’s Intelligent Scan for Cookies Explained

by Venkat eswarlu on February 16, 2012

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After installing CCleaner , you will be asked by “CCleaner-Intelligent Cookie scan” dialog box to “intelligently scan for cookies to keep”, a lot of users do click No as they don’t know what this is for? What happens if you click Yes – Intelligent Cookie scan feature will be enabled.

How to Enable Intelligent Cookie Scan feature in CCleaner

We all know whenever you visit a website, cookie will be dropped to your Computer, which tracks when you visited that site and other information and sends that info back to that website server. Most users do delete cookies for privacy reasons where CCleaner by default does this when it runs.

CCleaner Intelligent Cookie Scan dialog box thumb CCleaner’s Intelligent Scan for Cookies Explained

UpdateCCleaner 4.08 Enables Intelligent Cookie Scan by Default

Keeping All Cookies on your PC

When cookies are cleared, related sites may replace the cookie next time when you visit them. Sometimes this may not be the case as those sites can forget your login data. However you can keep all cookies if you want by visiting CCleaner’s Applications tab and uncheck for Cookies for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, do the same for Internet Explorer in Windows tab also.

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You can manage cookies for all internet browsers that CCleaner supports in ‘Cookies’ section. Open CCleaner>Options>Cookies. Here CCleaner lists all the cookies it deletes when you run it under “Cookies to Delete”

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What’s the Difference between CCleaner Slim and Standard Versions

If  you’ve enabled intelligent cookie scan, CCleaner detects cookies of Google, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail  and adds them automatically on he right-pane under “Cookies to keep” section, so that they won’t be deleted when the Piriform tool was run by the user.

You can search for a cookie, for e.g search for “” (for Gmail) cookie and right-click on it and either select keep or intelligent scan option. You can do the same for other cookies you want to keep.


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Cris July 21, 2014 at 8:32 am

Thank you for this explanation, although I am still unsure whether or not this is a good thing. If I enable this feature upon installation, which it asks me to do, then it will delete all cookies except for those mentioned above, such as yahoo, gmail, etc. Is this correct?


Venkat eswarlu July 21, 2014 at 9:56 am

Yes, you’re correct, but it won’t delete the cookies automatically unless you run it. And you no longer need to enable this feature manually after CCleaner’s install, because the CCleaner setup it self comes included with this feature enabled by default. If you’re using two-step verification for Google accounts in your browser on your computer, then you’ll find intelligent cookie scan feature very useful.
As you know every time you clean cookies using this tool, you need to enter verification code to log into website on your trusted computer, that annoyance will be solved with this on all browsers.
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