We’ve covered the release of Avast 7 public Beta (read the review) that enhances autosandbox, Browser protection also added streaming updates, Remote Assistance. One New feature introduced in Avast 7 Beta free and internet security suit and still unknown to all Avast 7 Beta users at this time is “FileRep”, we’re going to talk about it now.

Avast FileRep with Database of Clean Files Helps Avast to Detect Malware Faster

The FileRep database includes several billion executable files with additional files added daily. FileRep includes an “in-the-cloud” database of clean files that helps the Avast scanning engine to take more intelligent decisions and hence to detect malware quickly by skipping the clean files and catching the malware quickly.

Avast Cloud Services

“Two key data categories tracked in FileRep are file age (emergence) and the number of computers that have already opened it (prevalence). Additional data categories tracked in FileRep are file distribution, the source URL, and digital signature status. The data is contributed anonymously by CommunityIQ members, the avast! user network of sensors.” Avast says about its file Reputation service.

Does Avast offers Protection against Cryptolocker? Yes

When traditional signature and heuristic Antivirus techniques are not enough to protect the user from the malware, Avast has designed FileRep to counter the growth of the polymorphic malware. FileRep data helps Avast to put suspicious files in the autosandbox.

“By identifying the good as well as the bad files, we are flipping the security equation on its head,” said Mr. Vlcek. “This reduces the risk from new ‘zero-day’ threats and helps us more effectively utilize the experiences of our users.”