Security vendor Lavasoft released its free Internet security Suit, Ad-Aware Free 10 by porting features in paid products such as,- Advanced Active protection, Download protection and Game Mode. Lavasoft boasts they’ve added security features to their free suite that it has never existed in its 12 years of history.

Ad-Aware Free 10 offers Real-Time Protection

Enhanced Real-time protection

Ad-Aware Free protects you from threats in real-time, this applies to processes, Ad-Aware scans and blocks malicious processes and infected files in real-time. Registry changes are detected and alerted -when a program tries to change registry, so that you can block or allow it.

Ad-Aware Free 10

Ad-Aware monitors out going-network connections and blocks connections to blacklisted  IP addresses and malicious sites to identify and stop threats.

Download Protection

If you’re a user,  download files from torrent or peer-to-peer networking sites, they may contain malware, Ad-Aware 10 real-time protection scans files before they’been downloaded to your hard drive and quarantines them immediately if detected as malware.

Game Mode

Ad-Aware Free 10 gets Game Mode which allows you to play the games without any interruptions (like security alerts) and in this mode your System is secured and taken care of by Ad-Aware.

Ad-Aware 10 Free works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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