YouTube offers various qualities to watch its videos on browsers from 240p to 1080p where YouTube determines the highest quality to play for you by depending on the player size you’re using. You can change the quality while watching the video by clicking the quality number under the right-side of the player, where all qualities available depends on resolutions of the file that uploader has uploaded.

Though YouTube allows to select playback settings by signing into your account, they are not applicable when you’re not signed in. YouTube Quality Selector is a chrome extension that adjusts the video quality to best match your preferences.

YouTube Quality Selector options

Automatically Resume YouTube Videos from Where You Paused or Left

You should have high configuration Computer and decent internet connection speed which suffices for YouTube to Stream video of HD quality, but if you’re using an old Computer with slower connection, you always want to watch videos at a low resolution.

This is where this extension is helpful, after installing the add-on, it allows you to set and save preferred quality, secondary quality, fallback quality, and so on.. in its options. If all qualities set by you in extension options not available for the video you’re watching, then default one is used as a last resort.

This extension works only with YouTube player, but not with the channel page, embedded, feather and HTML5 YouTube videos.

Download YouTube Quality Selector