If you’re a WordPress.com user or even if you’re not on this blogging platform you can receive WordPress.com notifications instantly in Chrome with WordPress.com Extension for Chrome. This extension lets you view wordpress.com notifications, follow sites and start new blog posts quickly from chrome toolbar.

wordpress.com extension notification

WordPress.com official Chrome extension

Follow sites

If you’re browsing a site that has an RSS feed, this extension allows to follow that site from your wordpress.com account by showing Follow button, when you click on it new posts from that site will be added to reader and you’ll receive email each time when an update is published.



Post new posts quickly while browsing the web

If you found an interest article on a site and want to share it in your blog you don’t have to visit WordPress.com, select Press This button when you’re on that page and a pop-up editor will appear select the blog to post and hit the publish button to share link to that site.

You can even highlight some text before clicking press button to publish an excerpt of text along with the link to that site.





[Via WordPress blog]