Though we don’t review or cover paid applications here but WinRAR is an exception as the popular compressing and archiving solution from Rarlab lets you use the trail version after 40 days, coming to the point WinRAR 4.1 stable version has been released after going through five betas which lets you create zip archives practically of any size.

WinRAR 4.1 User interface

Before this version Zip archive creation size is limited to 2GB  and 65535 file number, from this version onwards you can create zip archive no matter what the size is and you can split them as well.

zip archive creation in WinRAR

What’s New in WinRAR 4.1  (Briefly)

  • WinRAR can create ZIP archives of practically any size.
  • WinRAR can create multivolume ZIP archives, which are also known as  split ZIP files.
  • Added the high precision file time support in ZIP archives. WinRAR can store and extract modification, creation and last access  file time in ZIP archives with 100 nanosecond precision.
  • Added support for Unicode names stored in ZIP extra field data.

WinRAR 4.10 change log

Download WinRAR 4.10