Windows or the applications in it always tend to crash for unknown reasons, you can encounter an  error in sudden in Windows by showing a dialog box with a message you can’t remember or forget to take a screenshot of. If it happens once, you may ignore it, but if it happens again and again by displaying the error code without much of description, you start to look for that error in Google, which displays lot of search results, Windows Error Lookup tool is a freeware portable tool that gives description of error you experienced in English when you enter its code and allows to save that description as a note.

Windows Error Lookup Tool

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Windows Error Lookup Tool (WELT) knows and works with regular Windows Errors that users experience like decimal HEX and other errors such like signed error numbers, HRESULTs, NTSTATUS codes and STOP errors.

Using WELT is simple, download the zip file, extract its contents to  a folder and run the executable welt.exe. Type the error code and choose the error type from the drop down menu on its right-side (Win32/HRESULTS, NTSTATUS, STOP errors) and press enter. WELT displays the error description, which you can save as a note, which by default saved in subdirectory \welt notes\user name.

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WELT works on all Windows.

Download Windows Error Lookup Tool