Are you still using Windows 8 Developer Preview? first thing anyone do after installing Windows 7 is disabling UAC which always annoying with its pop-ups when we try to install programs that requires admin privileges, the default UAC  setting in Windows 8 notifies you when programs try to make changes to your Computer, here is how to set UAC to never Notify you.

set UAC to never notify

Disabling UAC in Windows 8

Do you’ve control panel icon on desktop if not press Win key + R to open run command and use  “control.exe”  to open control Panel

1. Control Panel>User Accounts and Family Safety>User Accounts

2. Click User Account Control Settings now drag slider towards Never notify and click  Ok to save changes.

From now onwards you won’t be notified before any changes are made to your Computer.

Note: “You should be careful about which programs you run, because they’ll have the same access to the computer as you do. This includes reading and making changes to protected system areas, your personal data, saved files, and anything else stored on the computer. Programs will also be able to communicate and transfer information to and from anything your computer connects with, including the internet.”