Till now you may knew about Windows 7 GodMode which allows us to access Windows settings from one place, Windows 7 in a Box is freeware tool lets you access almost all Windows  features and settings, so you don’t need to search for settings. This app sits on your desktop and allows to access everything right from Theme Settings to Parental Controls, this app is portable so you can copy it on your USB drive and use it where ever you go.

Windows 7 in a Box

Windows 7 in a Box with easy-to-use interface groups related functions and settings into respective menus such as Functions, Folders, Internet Settings, Programs, Tools and Settings for easier  navigation. Open the program, find the settings you’re looking for and open it so easy when compared tedious routine you go though.

FunctionsWindows 7 Settings

Windows 7 in a Box works on 32 & 64-bit of Windows 7, download this program from here.