Your PC offers better in performance which you feel when you reinstall Windows that’s not the case as the days go by all files will be fragmented and scattered all over hard drive and it takes much more for drive to access the contents. You should at least defrag your hard drive once for a month. With defragmentation all file fragments are concatenated into one contiguous chunk, UltraDefrag defragmentation utility uses same defragmentation API used by other Windows defrag utilities but it has some unique features which we’ll discuss below and UltraDefrag 5 final version has been released with quick drive optimization and MFT optimization features and other improvements.

UltraDefrag 5

UltraDefrag allows to run Boot Time defragmentation mode for system files in a manner similar to Chkdsk  which are locked otherwise, it can defrag any system file that includes page file, registry hives, hiberfile.sys file and other files locked by system applications.

Boot time Defrag interface

Single file or folder can be defragged using this program. Its always better to disable antivirus before defragmentation as it can slows down the process. You should not defrag USB drive or SSD s as it decreases their life span. You can schedule defragmentation which doesn’t needs your presence.

Every time you run disk analysis, defragmentation or optimization UltraDefrag produces the file fragmentation report with full list of fragmented files f found on disk. You can view this report by pressing F8 button.

file fragmentaion report

What’s new in UltraDefrag 5

  • Quick optimization of the drive, which mainly processes fragmented files.
  • MFT optimization, which processes the MFT only.
  • User defined log file creation, which highly simplifies reporting bugs
  • Modern design with menus and tool bar.
  • The height of the drives list can be adjusted
  • A final action can be specified to be executed after processing the drives

Check UltraDefrag 5 full change log.

UltraDefrag 5 works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download UltraDefrag 5