Do you want to run a particular application at specific resolution that can be Windows one or a game, instead of changing your screen resolution to that one, you can use Res-O-Matic freeware portable app to create a shortcut to it at your favorite resolution.


Display By Violence, Test and Change Your Windows Screen Settings

Running a particular App in Windows at your Favorite Resolution

After launching the app, browse for the app executable path, select the resolution where you can choose from the resolutions that your monitor supports, specify the  Refresh Rate, Colors and click Create shortcut button. A shortcut is created and available on the desktop for immediate access.

For e.g. if you’ve created a shortcut to sample @ 1024 * 768 resolution, that app shortcut will be created as “Sample (at 1024 *768)” , so you always know the resolution you’re running the app by looking at its shortcut icon.

Res-O-Matic works on all Windows.

Download Res-O-Matic.