If you’re using  Chrome you should know this – whenever Chrome installs a newer version through its updater it leaves behind the older one in AppData folder, the case where there might be so many outdated Chrome versions left in Chrome’s installed directory unless you installed Chrome freshly after reinstall of Windows, these older versions can occupy some space. If you’re concerned about disk space, instead of removing them manually you can use freeware portable OldChromeRemover to delete them.


Delete Older Versions of Chrome with OldChromeRemover

You should be using only one version of Chrome either stable or dev or Beta because this app removes all Chrome versions if you’re using multiple channels.

Using OldChromeRemover is very easy, it’s a command-line app. Download and run it as administrator (right-click on the tool and select Run as Administrator),  the app detects and shows older versions if detected and prompts you to press ‘Y’ button to delete them. If outdated versions not detected in your Computer same message will be shown where you can press any key to close the app.

no old versions detected

If you don’t bother about disk space then you don’t need to use this app. OldChromeRemover works on Windows XP/Vista/7, requires .Net framework must be installed in your Computer to work.

Download OldChromeRemover