We do get some auto-generated email notifications from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and other sites where for e.g Facebook messages you’ve notifications pending, Twitter annoys with emails when someone mentions, DMs or follows you. Its tedious to find email notification settings  for those services, inspired from MyPermissions.org Bin Lang and Tim Kendalli created Notification Control web service that offers direct links to all email notification pages of social sites where you can click on any link and sign into that service and manage or unsubscribe them if you want.

Notification Control

Access to Email Notification Settings of All Social Networking Sites At One Place with Notification Control

For e.g we’re not geeky enough to bookmark https://twitter.com/settings/notifications link (prior to knowing this service) and visit that when needed to manage those notifications.

Twitter notifiations setting

So visit http://notificationcontrol.com/ and click on any service icon, sign into that service and uncheck for those email notifications, easy! do it once for that service then do the same for all social sites you don’t want to be annoyed with.