Obviously deleted files by us reaches Recycle Bin on desktop and we empty it from there unless use Shift +Del to permanently delete files, if you ever faced inconvenience  or difficulty in opening Recycle bin and delete files in it when too many windows for some apps are open , if so then MiniBin is for you.

MiniBin Tray icon

MiniBin is Recycle Bin where its icon appears on system tray you can use it to open Recycle Bin, empty the contents in it without viewing with a single click.  Its tray icon also offers the options when we right-click on it to empty Recycle Bin with a double-click, shows confirmation for before deleting files as Recycle Bin does. Offers themes to for customization.

MiniBin Configuration

You can argue we can right-click on taskbar and select Show desktop for quick access to Recycle Bin but I found deleting files from system tray innovative and  smart idea from the developer which we appreciate. If you found this app useful, share your thoughts in comments.

MiniBin works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download MiniBin