By default Google Chrome installed on all user systems displayed in U.S English language it is  used for spell-checking also, if you want to change default language i.e from English to any other language, it’s very easy! – here is how .

Changing Chrome Language

Open Google Chrome, click on Wrench icon and select options

Click on Under the Hood>click on Languages and spell-checker settings under Web Content on right

Languages and Spell-Checker Settings

Here click Add button and choose the language and click Ok button to add it.

add language

Now click on Display Google Chrome in this Language, you need to close all windows and restart Chrome browser for changes to take effect.

Display Chrome in this language

Hover mouse pointer on added language and click on X symbol for deletion and then Chrome reverts to default English Language.

If your language not in the list shown by Chrome then add the switch  –locale_language name =locales/language name in the Target field of Chrome shortcut which you can get by right-clicking on the Chrome icon.