Google released open source Video player web app, The Video Player Sample which built on same architecture as the 60 minutes and apps available in Chrome Web store. This player can be customized, extended or just used out of the box and populated with your own content.

Google video app categories

“When a user opens the Video Player Sample web app, they can choose to watch a single video or create a playlist of videos/episodes from a list that they have uploaded and populated to the app. The Video Player Sample is configured and information about the videos is stored in JSON files (config.json and data.json respectively), both of which are located in the data directory” says Google Open source blog.

The video player Sample

The Video Player Sample key features

  • A beautiful video watching experience, including a full screen view
  • Ability to subscribe to shows, watch episodes, create play lists
  • Support for multiple video formats depending on what the user’s browser supports (including WebM, Ogg, MP4, and even a Flash fallback)
  • A Categories page with an overview of the different shows/categories available in the app
  • Notifications of new episodes (when the app is installed via the Chrome Web Store)
  • Built in support for sharing to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
  • To ensure easy customization, all source files, including the Photoshop PSD’s, are included

This video player available as app in Chrome Web Store, after installing this its icon appears on New Tab Page which you can use to launch .

video player sample on new tab page

You can play two episodes The Hammock and Chrome icon in Example category 1, try the demo here. This video player web apps works on all modern browsers and you can add it to chrome via Chrome web store as well.