This happens to everyone where you want to spend 5 minuets to check for mails and ends up spending more time on Internet by visiting time wasting social networking and other sites, aren’t we able to control ourselves from visiting those sites? blocking some sites does help, but we don’t want to permanently block them we’ve to block them for specified time period suppose I don’t want to visit Facebook for an hour or so that you can concentrate on your work, meet FocalFilter freeware app for Windows blocks user defined websites for specified time period in all browsers.


FocalFilter blocks the sites and unblocks them after user specified time period is over. You can then block those again or close that dialog to continue your work. Let us see how to use this app.

Blocking Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Sites in Windows using FocalFilter

After installing it on your Computer, launch it. Click on “Edit My Site List”,  type or paste set of sites you want to block (make sure those addresses open in web browser). For e.g I entered  Twitter, Facebook and YouTube web addresses in the box and clicked Save button. Now choose the time period to block here I chosen 5 minutes and click Block My Site List.

enter sites to blockblock my site list

Now try to open any browser and try to load those websites one by one, they won’t load since blocked by FocalFilter.

sites failed to load in Chrome

These site blocks will be unblocked automatically after 5 minutes which is shown by the dialog. During this time you can’t able to access the program since its already running in the background.

site blocks removed message

Want to block sites permanently type those sites addresses in the hosts file and save.

FocalFilter can’t block sites in browsers if you use Avira or Kaspersky Internet Security. This program works on Windows XP/Vista/7, .Net framework 4.0 to be installed on your Computer to work.

Download FocalFilter