Mozilla in partnership with Microsoft released Firefox with Bing, that’s for Microsoft search engine lovers something like that where Twitter users cheer yep! Firefox with Twitter also available for Tweeters where users can search for people and topics on Twitter right from address bar using @ and # (hash tag). Of course you can switch to Twitter Search from default search engine from the search bar as Mozilla released Firefox 8 with addition of Twitter search as one of the search provider.

Firefox with Twitter

Twitter released Twitter address bar Search add-on in June, now this add-on functionality has been integrated into Firefox which can be downloaded from here. Current Firefox users don’t need to reinstall this Firefox version as they can download and install Twitter Address Bar search add-on instead to explore Twitter from awesome bar.

Searching users or topics from address bar in Firefox

After installing the add-on or Firefox with Twitter build, you can notice Pinned twitter tab which lights up when new tweets arrive for your account supposing that you’ve already signed into Twitter.  And you can start typing username like @techvenkat or hashtag like #newyear and you can observe Twitter favicon in address bar.

pinned Twitter tab

Of course you can switch to Twitter search in Firefox Search bar and enter search query where results displayed in Twitter site. Further more you can do all this stuff without having a twitter account, of course who doesn’t have a twitter account these days as Twitter is the popular social networking site after Facebook.

This release is same as current one but twitter search is integrated into awesome bar.

Download Firefox with Twitter