Mozilla is planning Reset feature for Firefox where no milestone has been set yet, this feature will create new profile and also migrates data (bookmarks, history, extensions,themes  passwords, etc..) into it. Creating a new profile isn’t easier task for Firefox where its very easy incase of Google Chrome where creating a new profile always solves issues like not starting, crashing, unexpected behavior, lost toolbars and more. Migrating data from old profile to new one is always another difficult task, both of these tasks can be done by planned Reset Firefox feature.

User cases with mock ups

1. Reset Firefox on Re-installation

User wants to fix something wrong with Firefox by attempting to reinstall it. When the installer detects same version of Firefox in his Computer it offers the option to repair Firefox by resetting  it to its default state.

Reset on InstallReset after crashReset from support

2. Reset Firefox after a crash : After startup-crash for the third time Firefox offers the user to start the browser in safe mode or reset Firefox its default state.

3. Reset Firefox from Troubleshooting Information tab :  A helper or SUMO article can direct user to simple method of repairing Firefox by accessing the troubleshooting page (use about:Support) and clicking the Reset Firefox button.

How Firefox Reset feature works

When the Reset Firefox command is invoked, Firefox will:

  1. Confirm with the user what actions are about to be taken
  2. Create a new user profile
  3. Migrate user data
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • Saved passwords
    • Autofill form data
    • Extensions and themes
  4. Reset toolbars and controls
  5. Reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults
  6. Disable all add-ons and switch to the default theme
  7. Then Firefox will restart using the new profile.

Firefox Reset feature which is still under development to help users to reset Firefox to its default state.