Mozilla finally broken through UAC dialog which really annoying and comes in your way and  prompts for permission to install Firefox updates on your Computer, we’ve covered that Firefox 10 will get silent updates and uses Mozilla Application Updater service to install updates silently that’s the case but these features landed on Firefox 12 nightly. Firefox 12 uses on-demand Mozilla Maintenance service to execute updates without displaying UAC dialog.

Firefox 12 Nightly with Mozilla Maintenance service

Firefox nightly now installs maintenance service to install updates silently. To confirm if the service installed on your Computer type sc query MozillaMaintenance in command prompt and the output is shown as below in screenshot.

MozillaMaintenance install confirmation

You can also see stopped MozillaMaintenance service in Services and its startup type set to Manual. This service is on-demand one and it remains stopped until needed. If the service can’t be started then updates will be installed in the old way via UAC prompt.

MozillaMaintenanceservice in Services

Mozilla planning to use this service to install silent updates for all channels, only one service installed is used for all channels for e.g nightly service is used to update all channels.

Uninstalling MozillaMaintenance service

You can find this service installed under  “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Maintenance Service” and this service can be uninstalled from your Computer from add/remove programs or Programs and features in Windows 7.

Mozilla Maintenance service location

This service is generally installed automatically for all users via software update. It can’t be installed on native 64 build and on OSes lower than XP. You can read more about Windows Silent updates here.