Firefox 9 in fact Firefox 9.0.1 version is the latest one that disappointed lot of users with crashes, we’re hoping Firefox 10 final which is scheduled to release on 31st of January, this month to fix these crashes and expect it to be more stable. What’s in store for end users in Firefox 10: add-ons are compatible by default, Firefox sync is enhanced.

This release offers Full screen API, Page Inspector, CSS 3D-Transforms,  Anti-aliasing for WebGL, Scratchpad with origin code editor features for web developers.

Firefox 10

Features in Firefox 10 for End Users

1.  All incompatible add-ons are automatically disabled and all other add-ons except binary ones  are compatible by default i.e if you upgraded from Firefox 9.0.1 to 10 all add-ons that worked in previous version will work in Firefox upcoming version too. This definitely stops users from downgrading to older versions or from switching to Chrome.

2. Enhanced Firefox Sync: “Firefox Sync is enhanced with an easier setup process so you can pair your Android phone, tablet or any Firefox-enabled device without needing to be at your desktop computer”.

Firefox Sync

3. Forward button is now hidden until you navigate back. How many of you really use “Forward” button? we do use back button more that Forward one. So Mozilla decided to hide that until unless you need it.

What’s new in Firefox 10 for developers

  • Full Screen API: Developers can create Web applications that leverage the entire screen. The Full Screen API works with any HTML content, enabling developers to build entertaining and compelling Web video and game experiences. You can get more information in this blog post.
  • Page Inspector: Page Inspector makes it fast and easy for developers to test the design, style, font, color and page positioning of their website. Developers can see the HTML and CSS rules applied to any selected page element. This makes it easy to navigate through different page elements while viewing the HTML document structure for the page.
  • Style Inspector: Developers can use the Style Inspector to see the CSS properties applied to any selected page element and easily change the values to experiment with new looks. You can get more information in this blog post.
  • CSS3 3D-Transforms: Developers can create two-dimensional elements that animate and transform into 3D using HTML5 without the need for third-party plugins. You can get more details in this blog post.
  • Anti-aliasing for WebGL: Now 3D WebGL content will have edges that blend smoothly, especially with games and animations.
  • Scratchpad with Orion Code Editor: The developer Scratchpad adds the Orion code editor, allowing developers to edit more than plain text. The Orion code editor provides syntax highlighting and other great features and makes it easier to write JavaScript.

Source: Firefox Future Releases blog