Firefox 10 final version officially scheduled to release tomorrow but you can grab the final version via Mozilla FTP servers now and can upgrade to latest Firefox version.  This release offers more for developers than for end users.

Firefox 10 Final Released

End users here is what you need to know

  • By default all the add-ons are compatible except the binary ones.
  • Firefox 10 supports add-on Hotfixes where Mozilla releases hotfix updates for a subset of users to solve minor issues without need to release new Firefox builds.
  • Firefox Sync is enhanced with an easier setup process so you can pair your Android phone, tablet or any Firefox-enabled device without needing to be at your desktop computer. 

Firefox 10 final about dialog

Firefox 10 is also the Extended Support Release version for enterprises where IT managers express concerns they can’t keep up with the frequent updates of Firefox with 6 weeks release cycle.

This version offers Full screen API, Page Inspector, CSS 3D-Transforms, Anti-aliasing for WebGL, Scratchpad with Orion code editor features for web developers.

Download Firefox 10 Final

Firefox 10 release notes.