Though there are different ways to open “System Protection” tab and create a restore point in Windows, most used to type and search for “create restore point” on Start Menu Search box in Windows 7 but now there is no Start Menu by default in Windows 8 DP  here is how to create a System Restore point in Windows 8 from the metro start screen and we cover the other ways as well..

Creating System Restore Point from the Metro Start Screen

Press Win key +F to open metro search, click  on Settings, type System Restore and press Enter.

From the displayed search results click on create a restore point (the third one in search results), 

create a restore point

System Properties Window opens with System Protection tab selected by default, click on System Partition drive and click create button, name the restore point and  restore point will be  created successfully.

system protection

There are other ways as well.

  • Open desktop Control Panel, type System Restore, click on create a restore point under System.

create restore point via desktop control panel

  • You can more easily create restore point by right-clicking on My Computer icon, select Properties and click on System Protection.