Novice users definitely don’t know how to turn a bookmarklet into a Chrome extension lot of developers know this and they’ve various tools for this job done.  Now any one can convert boomarklet into a Chrome extension with Bookmarlet to Chrome Extension Convertor thanks to Peter Legierski.

Converting Bookmarklet to a Chrome extension

So you now have a bookmarklet available which you need to convert to a Chrome extension. If you’re following latest buzz Facebook, Twitter developers released don’t be evil bookmarklet (chrome extension too) against Google search plus your world which offers social results from all three networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) .

Creating Chrome extension from bookmarklet

I am going to convert that bookmarklet into a Chrome extension

1. Visit 

2. Type name, description and drag bookmarklet you’ve on browser toolbar into the form

convert bookmarklet to chrome extension

3. Click Generate extension, download the generated extension in zip format and extract its files to  a folder.  Now  job half-done .

Now we need to install this extension using developer mode in Chrome, for that

  • Click Wrench menu>Tools >Extensions
  • Check Developer mode>Load Unpacked extension, select the folder extracted earlier and click Ok

unpacked extension installed

That’s it extension is installed and ready to use. I created and installed “Focus on the User” Chrome extension which is working fine. Check the screenshot below.

FocusontheUser Chrome extension