Now a days every one has an account in these services/sites  like  Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Linked In, Dropbox,  Flickr and Instagram.  Privacy is a big concern for users on Facebook and Gmail which is some what less on other social sites.  However if you want to know how many apps have permissions to access your private information in these sites you don’t need to sign in and search for privacy/app permissions settings, site allows to clean all app permissions in the above said sites with in 2 minutes.

clean app permissions on social sites

This service doesn’t do much, just takes you to app settings pages where you need to sign in to each service to view and delete those apps.

Facebook app settings

For e.g clicking on Facebook icon takes you to page when you signed on shows apps accessing your Facebook account, similarly for Twitter it takes you to Connections page where you can view and revoke access to applications.

Twitter connections

You can know the app permissions link for sites mentioned above by hovering your pointer over any one of icons links. This service just provides links for app settings pages for social sites.