Numbers does matter for e.g  as a Twitter user you’re curious are enough to know how many are following you, number of mentions you get how many of your tweets gets retweeted, and in social media you use these stats to measure your popularity, influence of so called of your brand. Till now visiting yours or any other person’s Google+ profile in browser displays how many are in yours circles and have you in others circles. Meet CircleCount extension for Chrome shows numbers or stats for g+ profiles and Pages. Further more this service assigns you CircleRank based on the number of followers you’ve, the lower the rank the higher the person ranking of G+ users.

CircleCount G  profile information

Without much ado, install this extension for Chrome and enter any G+ profile/page link on Chrome address bar, click on CircleCount icon on toolbar where that user’s  name, profile pic, number of followers, number of comments and reshares he gets per posting, how many +1’s he get per posting are displayed.

“At we are counting the circles where you are included. That means that this number represents the number of persons who are following your posts at Google+.
Not only you but also the number of followers of other persons. If your profile isn’t tracked already, you can easily add the url of your profile at Google and we will start tracking your CircleCount” about page of CircleCount reads.

You don’t need to have G+ account to know this information.

Install extension for Chrome