Google released Beta version of Chrome 17 with improved security and speed. Google knows why people chose their browser because Chrome loads web pages quickly and it offers Sandboxing protection, now this releases enhances those features with updated omnibox prerendering and Download scanning protection.

Google Chrome 17 beta

Omnibox Prerendering

Google has it as it predicts search results loads the page before you’re going to click on it. Now this pre-rendering technology has been extended to Chrome Omnibox where before the auto-complete of URL in Omnibox Chrome begins to prerender the page.

“Prerendering reduces the time between when you hit Enter and when you see your fully-loaded web page–in some cases, the web page appears instantly.” Chrome blog post says.

Download Scanning Protection

Chrome now analyzes executable files you download from internet like .exe and .msi and if that file is bad or downloaded from malicious website (by comparing it against the list of malware sites that Google maintains) warns you which you should discard or download at your own risk.

You can download Google Chrome 17 Beta from here.