Capturing screenshots of metro start screen and apps is tough than closing metro apps hope you’ll agree with me as I found this difficult with SnagIt which also captures them very late, as bloggers we’ve to present/explain articles on Windows 8 with screenshots (Since picture is worth thousand of words, specially when comes to metro screen). And this post may be useful more for bloggers than for end users who found difficult to capture them. Let us take a look at how we can capture screenshots of metro screen and settings in Windows 8.

Capturing Screenshots of Metro Apps, Screen, Settings with Problem Steps Recorder

Here I use Windows built-in Problem Steps Recorder tool, yep! which is used to capture series of screenshots to explain how problem happened on your Computer.

Step 1. Press Win+R to open Run command and type “PSR” to open the program, now you need to be on the desktop and start recording by using Alt+O hotkey or click on Start Record button in and now enter the start screen.

problem steps recorder

Step 2. For e.g I want to capture Running Command as administrator screenshot on metro screen, once I clicked on recording button, enter metro screen and press Win + F to open metro search click Apps and type cmd in the search box and press enter.

Step 3. Now select Cmd shown on results, right-click on Advanced button at the bottom and select run as administrator now come out of metro screen by pressing Win+ D and Stop Recording. Save the report.

run cmd as administrator

Step 4. Open the report (it opens in IE) now right-click on pictures in the report and save them to your desktop which you want to share or upload on WordPress Editor or in Live Writer . That’s it, if you know any other way share with us in comments.

capturing metro screen with PSR