Hotmail and Gmail have already this type of security feature to prevent unauthorized access to your email account, Yahoo today introduced Second Sign-in verification security feature to its Yahoo Mail users to prevent from hijacker having your password from accessing your account. This feature is currently made available to users residing in U.S, Canada, India and Philippines and is expected to rolled out to all users over the World by March 2012.

Second Sign-in verification for Yahoo

Setting up Second sign-in verification

If you’re residing in one of country where this feature available, visit this page and sign into it with your username and password and click the checkbox “to turn on second sign-in verification”, enter your mobile number and click on Receive SMS to receive verification code send by Yahoo. You’ve now registered your mobile number for your Yahoo account

Yahoo Second Sign-in verification setup

Advantage of Second Sign-in verification

What happens from now on: whenever you’re in Cybercafé  or signed into Yahoo from other than Computer you’re used to sign-into you’ve to answer a security question or enter a verification code that sent to your mobile phone or to your alternate email address. Since hacker’s doesn’t know the answer to the security question nor having your mobile phone, they will be blocked from accessing your account.