Microsoft released Windows Defender Offline Tool in Beta version which lets you remove malware in your PC by starting with Windows Defender offline created in a CD/DVD or in a USB flash drive with at least 250 MB free space in a clean environment. WDO with latest definition files can detect and remove any malware found on your PC after the scan.We can’t confirm but we do think that Microsoft rebranded Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper and offering it as Windows Defender Offline Tool.

Windows Defender Offline Tool

Using Windows Defender Offline Tool

Do Download correct version of WDO Beta to the system, that’s not infected. Run it as the tool downloads necessary files to blank CD/DVD or to a USB drive. Microsoft advices to use USB drive for WDO since uploading virus definitions is easier on USB drive by rerunning the wizard than for CD/DVD discs. You can also create an WDO ISO image and then you can burn to CD/DVD.

choose startup media

Restart your PC and use WDO beta media as first boot device and perform the scan for malware with. Remove the malware found by it.

Download Windows Defender Offline Tool