We’ve covered a lot of system information utilities in the past, but System Spec is a freeware portable tool which produces your system hardware and software specification within a second without much of scanning. System Specification is generally about hard drive capacity, processor type and mode you’re using  the motherboard manufacturer name, capacity of RAM installed in your Computer what type of RAM it is like that.

System Spec

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Using System Spec

If you’re a novice user without much of a technical knowledge about Computer parts, then you don’t need to worry if someone asks what’s your system specification? You can easily view, save and print your system specification with this system information utility.

System Specification print

There’s more for power users where you user can know detailed information about memory, display, hard drive and SMART parameters, CD/DVD, CPU, BIOS, Internet, installed programs, Network, Printers, Sound, USB, USB drive and etc.,.

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You can also access system commands, settings, programs and power options. You can save generated system information to CSV or HTML format or you can print full specification of your system by using  Ctrl +P command.

System Spec works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download System Spec