We can able to launch lot of programs even websites in Windows from Run command, SlickRun is freeware command line utility lets you launch programs, documents and website addresses quickly by creating magic words for them and using them.


After installing SlickRun, a blue command bar appears at the bottom of the screen above notification area showing the system memory usage. It doesn’t occupy much space. You can right-click on it to get options to create magic words.

What is a MagicWord? for e.g. I put short TD as magicword to launch my blog http://techdows.com where if you type td and press enter my blog will opened in default browser. Similarly you can create magicwords for the programs you use most often, you need to enter full path of program for that while creating.

creating magicword in SlickRun

Fortunately, SlickRun comes with many magicwords created for windows programs, popular URLs  and power options you can find them in Library tab in Custom SlickRun dialog (right-click on SlickRun select Setup for that).

Customize SlickRun

SlickRun offers JOT feature which allows to keep short notes you can activate it using Win key+J keyboard shortcut.  JOT automatically saves whatever text you placed on it.

You can bring up this program at any time with  with Win key+Q keyboard shortcut.You can expand SlickRun size by dragging right edge of it with your mouse pointer. You can lock its size and position by right-clicking on and selecting the option and you can hide in the system tray also.

SlickRun works on all Windows.

Download SlickRun