We’ve recently covered AutoJpegTrunk that removes metadata from JPEG images, metadata or data about data is not only stored in images but also for Microsoft Office Documents and PDF files with information such as document created date, time, author name, revision history and your Computer info, FreeScrub freeware removes exif and other metadata from images and documents.


It’s always better to remove metadata from  Images and documents before sharing them on web thus your private information is protected and another benefit is files size will also be reduced.

Download and install the program in your Computer and run it. On the app user interface click Add Files and add images and PDF documents you want to remove metadata from click the Scrub button and the app will do the rest.

scrub image and documents

This Metadata Scrubber currently supports PNG, JPEG and PDF  file where support for more image and document formats will be added in future release. This program removes metadata from the PDF documents but not the metadata from images inside it.

FreeScrub works on all Windows.

Download  FreeScrub